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True Touch Clinical

Reflexology. I am a professionally qualified clinical reflexologist. I offer bespoke treatments tailored to suit individual needs.

During your initial visit, a full medical consultation is given followed by an investigatory treatment to establish any areas of imbalance within the body. This enables me to devise a personal treatment plan, which is carried out through subsequent treatments adapting them accordingly to suit any changing progress of the client.

Although reflexology is primarily carried out on the feet, I also work on the hands and ears either separately or incorporating them into the same treatment. This can give the client the opportunity to work on themselves to enhance their progress, as I can explain techniques to be used for self care in between sessions.



  • Foot, Hand and Auricular Reflexology.

  • Synergistic Reflexology (incorporating feet, hands and ears)

  • Enhancing fertility and Maternity care.

  • Adapting Reflexology for Cancer and Palliative Care.

  • Meridians ( Energy pathways).

  • Inner Intent Reflexology (Mind and Body Connection)

  • NEPIP ( NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody) A new treatment specific to the mind and body's responses to stress and exclusive to Level 5 Practitioners. 

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