Cheshire Sports Therapy Limited has been required by its governing bodies to fully risk assess its operational procedures within the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We have produced a policy to ensure where possible the risks are mitigated and the clinic is 'COVID Secure'. At this time, any clients that access our services are required to provide additional consent (This consent will supplement any previous consent obtained by Cheshire Sports Therapy Limited and can be withdrawn at any time), whereby they fully understand the measures that the company has put in place to make the environment as safe as possible for its clients and therapists.



These will remain available for any individuals that prefer to seek advice without attending the clinic. These types of appointment will take place on a computer or smart device/tablet. We are able to ask you clinical questions and see how you move. This can be used to help diagnose your problem, provide advice and advise self management techniques. Any recommended exercises can be put in a personalised exercise programmes that will be sent to you electronically. Clients that are continuing to shield / isolate or have a number of medical risk factors for COVID-19 may choose to use this method of intervention. 


Face to face appointments continue to be available with some protective measures remaining in place.

During a face to face appointment you should understand.

 - The potential nature of close therapist to client contact.  

 - The level of PPE the therapist will be required to wear.

 - The infection prevention and control measures that must be taken.

 - You must read a patient information sheet to ensure you understand all the implications and measures put in place to mitigate risk. 



 - Cheshire Sports Therapy Limited has carried out a full operational risk assessment including premises and any services that we offer on site. We will continue to review Government, health authority and governing body directives, increasing or reducing measures as subject to their advice. 


 - You will be screened with COVID-19 questions again just before entry to the clinic 


 - Our systems where possible have been made digital, this includes medical records, payments and scheduling. 

 - All correspondence including receipts and any prescribed exercises will only be sent electronically at this time.

 - It is important we have your correct email address and you check your spam / junk / trash folder. 

 - Having your correct contact details is important should we need to track and trace you.


 - You will notice new signage, floor markings and posters to promote social distancing inside the clinic.

 - All soft furnishings and fabric chairs have been removed or modified to allow disinfection to take place. ​

 - Where possible we will be reducing the use of equipment. ​

 - The waiting area and drinks machine will be out of bounds. 

 - The toilet will be out of use for clients.

 - Clinic capacity has been reduced to maintain social distancing. 

 - Please observe social distancing, whilst in clinic, by keeping at least 1m from anyone (unless receiving clinical treatment). 

 - Where possible, you should come to your appointment alone. If you require a chaperone we require them to wear a face covering at all times when within the clinic and they must be screened for COVID-19 before entering the premises. 



  - We ask that if you come by car, please wait in your car in the car park until your booked appointment time. At your appointment time your therapist will come to the main door to collect you, so please keep an eye on the main door. 


​ - You will be given hand sanitiser when entering the clinic.

 - Doors will be open or opened for you where possible to avoid touching handles.

 - Please try to avoid touching objects and surfaces where possible when in clinic.

 - We ask you not to wear your own gloves into the clinic, as this poses a potential risk. 

 - Hand hygiene forms an important part of controlling any virus transmission. Both clients and therapist should continue to adopt increased adherence to this. 


 - You will be required to wear a face covering when attending the clinic. Please bring your own.

 - If you do not have a face covering or forget to bring one, we will provide you with one at a cost of £2, which will be added to your appointment invoice. 

 - Our therapist will be wearing appropriate PPE in line with the latest guidance. 


 - We are required to keep contact time to a minimum where possible. Total time in clinic for appointments will not exceed the stated treatment times.

 - Your therapist will be wearing PPE but will still socially distance where possible.

 - 15 minutes between clients is protected to allow disinfection to occur and also avoid contact with other clients.

 - Follow up appointments with your therapist will be made at the end of your appointment or by telephone afterwards.


 - We encourage you to pay electronically where possible. Cash is accepted on the condition it is of the correct amount for the specified treatment.


 - Enhanced cleaning measures are in place for all communal and clinical areas.

 - Regular cleaning of treatment rooms will be completed.

 - Any frequently touched surface and high contact areas in our communal areas will also be cleaned frequently.  

Our priority is to keep you and our staff as safe as possible. We thank you for consideration and co-operation at this unprecedented time. 

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