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Your Appointment

Your Appointment

What do I need to bring to the appointment?

On your first appointment you will be asked questions about your presenting injury. You will also be asked about your previous medical history to determine if there are any related causes or indications that a certain treatment may not be appropriate for you.

You will need to bring:-

  • Appropriate clothing to expose the part of the body you would like assessing (i.e. shorts for a sore knee)

  • Insurance details if you are to be claiming back the cost of your sessions (You may need to ring your provider to obtain a Policy Number and an Authorisation Number)

  • Medication details that may influence what treatments you may be limited to.

Will I need to fill in any forms?

You will need to complete a consent form that will form part of your medical records. This is required to allow our clinicians to assess and provide you with appropriate treatment(s). Our consent form will provide your agreement to our Privacy Policy that complies with GDPR and for your details to be processed on our clinical management system. This consent form maybe sent to you digitally before the appointment to save time allowing us longer to get to the root of your complaint.

What information will you ask for?

  • Personal and Contact details

  • Appropriate medical screening questions

  • Your signature will form part of the consent if you agree to our services and policies.

Is there parking on-site?

Yes, Cheshire Sports Therapy Limited is located on Alexandra Business Park and there is a large FREE car park. 

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes of course, having somebody sitting in during sessions can help you feel at ease and also help you to remember any advice or exercises we may give you. We will provide you with exercise sheets if required so don't worry. Unfortunately we don't offer a formal chaperone service if you are not able to be accompanied.

We do ask that all clients that are under 16 years of age are accompanied by a responsible adult for all appointments.

When do you offer appointments?

Our working week is Monday to Saturday and we offer a number of evening appointments so that we can offer maximum flexibility to our clients.

Is your clinic Covid Secure?

In order to safely re-open our clinic we have undertaken a full risk assessment for our premises and services that we offer in order to mitigate risk wherever possible for clients that access the clinic and any therapists that provide such services. For details on the measures we have taken to reduce infection risks you can visit our 'Covid Secure' page on our website or by clicking here 

The Assessment

What will you do?

Your clinician will need to ask you questions about your injury like how it happened and what makes it worse. After asking you questions about your condition, your clinician will ask you to perform some movements to assess your strength and how well you can currently move. This will help us to provide an accurate diagnosis so that we can provide you with the right treatment combined with a rehabilitation programme so that we can achieve your best recovery outcome. 

Your clinician may need to move your muscles and joints to assess the quality of your movement. This helps us to establish what structures may be contributing to your problems.

What about acupuncture?

If acupuncture is appropriate you will be asked some additional questions to determine whether it is appropriate and safe for you to undergo a course of treatment. You will also be required to complete a separate consent form.

How long will it take?

Our standard Physiotherapy sessions last between 30-40mins for both initial assessments and follow up appointments.  This time includes your assessment and treatment. Due to Covid-19 we have to protect time before your appointment to ensure required enhanced cleaning can be carried out to help protect you from any cross contamination.

We do offer deep tissue / sports massage sessions and these can be 30mins or 45mins in duration depending on your requirements.


How can I pay?

Cheshire Sports Therapy Limited are able to accept the following forms of payment:-

  • Bank Transfer

  • Card Payments (VISA, V Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, AMEX) - Contactless available up to £100

  • Cash

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Pay

  • Company Gift Vouchers

  • Cheque

What about if I have health insurance?

Cheshire Sports Therapy Limited are recognised with the major medical insurance providers and a number of smaller providers. For a full list of insurers who we currently work with click here.

Our provider numbers are:


  • Cheshire Sports Therapy Limited - Provider No. 80011956


  • Michelle Foster​​ - Provider No.  MP03452

  • Tom Brain - Provider No. TB01900


  • Michelle Foster​​ - Provider No.  600053611

  • Tom Brain - Provider No. 600119982

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